Peter Dojlida

Patent and Trade Marks Attorney

Electrical &
Electronic Engineering

Software and hardware

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Peter was first introduced to the world of intellectual property in 2006 while working as a paralegal at a boutique IP law firm. It was here he discovered a passion for intellectual property which spurred him to enter the industry. He then went on to study intellectual property at Monash University where he completed a Master of Intellectual Property Law.

Peter was admitted as a Trade Marks Attorney in 2014 and a Patent Attorney in 2020 and has broad experience in these areas.

With extensive experience across a range of industries, Peter has worked on everything from the design and construction of recording studio spaces and HVAC systems through to the management of R&D at a soft commodities export company. It was in this last role where he designed grain drying systems and commissioned 3 phase plant equipment.

Peter’s field of expertise lies in Electrical devices and machines, robotics, software, as well as tools and construction materials. He has an Associate Degree in Engineering (Electrical) and he’s currently pursuing further study in Electrical Engineering and Software part-time, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Rounding out Peter’s many skills, he also has a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) and a Bachelor of Law.

Bringing a unique commercial perspective to his work, Peter is extremely passionate about getting the best result for his clients. Among his varied talents, Peter speaks fluent Polish along with basic Italian and French.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys free diving, sailing, playing guitar and visiting natural spaces. He likes to stay up-to-date with current and geopolitical events as well as the latest technical advances and scientific discoveries.

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