A better way forward

Walker IP is a dynamic and innovative firm committed to the long-term success of our clients. Our experience, responsiveness, attention to detail and strategic thinking set us apart in the industry.

Agile service

IP is a time critical business. Seizing opportunities requires an IP partner who is as agile as you are. At Walker IP, we pride ourselves on the responsiveness of our service. If you have a question or query, we’re there. You’ll always have direct access to the attorney handling the matter. Night or day.

Honest conversations

As a truly modern IP firm, we look way beyond the technical details to help our clients build long-term company value. We think commercially about the impact a specific IP strategy is likely to have on your operations. And we lay all the options on the table. It starts with having a deep understanding of your business. We learn everything we can about your approach, so we can align with your thinking. But we’re not fence sitters. If we have a firm view about something, we’ll tell you how it is.

Globally connected

Leveraging our deep understanding of the local IP market, we regularly act on behalf of international IP attorneys looking to execute global strategies. We have extensive experience working with attorney’s in all of the major jurisdictions including the United States, Europe, Israel and the Asia Pacific region. If you’re an Australian or New Zealand based organisation looking to protect your brand, design or technology off shore, we have a global network of skilled attorneys who can advise on the specific requirements related to each jurisdiction.

Working with leading local and international companies.

Explore the possibilities around your IP

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