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When it comes to IP protection, experience matters. Nothing is more valuable than deep expertise in your specialist field. Whether you need advice in relation to trade marks, registered designs or patents, Walker IP delivers real results for its clients. Our areas of specialisation span the following fields

Electrical & electronic engineering

At Walker IP, we have extensive experience in patents relating to electrical and electronic systems and products at a consumer, commercial and industrial level. From control systems, to electric motors, power systems to communications.

Software & hardware

A leader in the field of software and hardware patents, the team at Walker IP has worked with a number of the world’s most respected brands as well as some of Australia’s fastest growth technology start-ups – from mobile tech or Apps to infrastructure.

Mechanical engineering

When it comes to mechanical engineering, Walker IP prides itself on bringing unrivalled clarity to the patent process. Our experience ranges from manufacturing technology to heavy equipment, tooling, agricultural and automotive technology.

Medical devices

Working with local and international medical device manufacturers, Walker IP executes patent, design and trade mark strategies designed to maximise the market potential of new and existing medical technologies across our clients portfolios.

Chemistry & biotechnology

Revolutionary discoveries need the highest level of protection and Walker IP have the skills to deliver the right long term strategies over the product life cycle. Our IP team have specialist expertise in all areas of industrial chemistry and biotechnology.

Trade marks

At Walker IP, our Trade Marks Attorney's are Registered to practice in both Australia & New Zealand and they can also assist with the filing of trade marks anywhere in the world. If you’re an offshore Attorney rolling out a global Trade Mark protection strategy and you need a local partner with an intimate understanding of both the Australian and New Zealand trade mark systems, we can assist you.

Wine brand protection

With the rapid growth in Australian & New Zealand wine exports, the need for global brand protection has never been greater. Walker IP has more than 20 years expertise in premium wine and we can create a protection strategy to help you grow your business internationally.

Registered designs

The unique design of a product can give you an important competitive advantage. And you can legally protect their appearance by way of Registered Designs. This gives you exclusive rights to commercially use, licence or sell the protected product. Walker IP has expertise filing Registered Designs. We can advise you on whether your designs have significant elements worth protecting.

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